Maker Content Hub

Will this cost me an arm and a leg? More like a finger.

Let’s talk about budgets

When it comes to pricing, Maker Studio is in the same price range as any agency on the market, however it incorporates some additional benefits that make a huge difference. In the same budget that would normally accommodate just the creative fee, our client will receive the creative idea, the content creators’ input to further improve it, and a pre-test of the content via biometric technology, validated with the GenZ audience. Let’s see what this means.

GenZ Makers generate and validate the creative ideas. They recommend trends, sounds and even content creators best suited to implement the campaign.

The content creators come with their know-how and expertise, making the best recommendations to improve the video content, with no brief-related restrictions, in order to have an efficient campaign.

Next, the video content is pre-tested with biometric technology (eye tracking, facial decoding, skin response). This way, we analyze what emotions it generates and we can adjust it according to the results of the testing.  

All this process happens before the proposal is presented to the client. Basically, the client receives a fully validated campaign and will be able to start the implementation right away.


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