Change the way you create the content

Let’s create snackable video content that your young audience actually enjoys, without feeling cringe and off-putting.


Be really relevant for GenZ

Let’s co-create with your young consumers, engage their ideas and insights, so the ideas will be always fresh and on point.


Ditch the classical agency structure

Let’s decentralize the classical structure – change to Makers, curators, evaluators, testers, creators - in a more fluid, collaborative and agile way.

Create video content with GenZ, for GenZ

Maker Studio means snackable video content co-created with a collective of young idea generators, for young consumers. This offers you a fresh approach to your brand content, as it will be always up-to-date, relevant and engaging. And even better, before it runs out, it is pre-checked with biometric tools so we can improve its emotional engagement and efficiency. And all this in an agile, decentralized environment.


Makers gonna make…
Better ideas

Join us

Become a Maker.
Get paid for your ideas.

Creativity is not for the chosen ones. If you are under 30, if you feel inspired and have plenty of ideas, if you love video content and you spend time on TikTok, then, by all means, become one of our Makers. Respond to briefs, get paid, see your ideas implemented by amazing brands. How cool is that?