Maker Content Hub

Will this take forever to produce? About two weeks.

Let’s talk about timing

Maker Studio work process has pretty much the same duration as any other agency. However, in the same time, the client receives a creative idea validated by GenZ and tested with biometric technology, ensuring a quick implementation, with minimal feedback. We estimate a maximum of two weeks between the start of the ideation process and the final presentation.
Let’s see why we move so fast!

The process begins when our Makers receive the brief and answer with dozens of creative ideas.

These ideas are voted by young Testers in a peer review system.

The best ideas are filtered by the Creative Curators.

Next, content creators act as consultants and recommend the best way to execute the ideas selected by the Curators.

We test a demo video made by the content creators with biometric technology in order to analyze the emotional reaction of our consumers.

And we’re ready! One snackable video content campaign ready to go in a very short timespan.


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