You are boiling up with ideas? Super! Respond to our briefs, get paid and see your ideas implemented by amazing brands.

This is not a nine to five job. This is a collab, so you can respond to the briefs you like most and generate your best ideas.

As long as you respect the criteria, you get paid just for submitting your ideas. But the winning ones are rewarded extra.

You can generate ideas, you can vote the ones others created. You can join our workshops to generate insights. Or you can test videos.

snackable video

See what being a Maker actually means

new business model

Contribute to the new advertising!

Are you the ones coming up with fun ideas? You see ads and think you could do better? Watch TikToks and know all the trends? Or are you very critical and you like to analyze other people’s work? Maybe you are a content creator that can also produce cool videos? For any of the above, you can apply to become Makers.

You can do any of the following:

Generate ideas for advertising campaigns 0

Propose video scripts and scenarios 0

Evaluate other people’s ideas 0

Participate in video testing 0

Actually produce the videos 0


Want to find out the real experience of a Maker?

Let’s meet Ana and Ruxandra, two of our Makers. They will share their actual experience in being part of our cool campaigns.

Our first Makers

Ruxandra Cojocariu


Ana-Maria Iordache


Andrada Ciocoiu


Ioana Popescu