Because ideas are created and voted by your actual consumers, they are way more actual and relevant than something created in the office.

Videos are pre-tested with biometric technology, also by GenZ, we see what emotions they generate and we can improve it before you put media budget behind it.

Influencers (content creators) act as consultants, offering their own take, creating demo videos or video pitches, so we can take full use of their skills and expertise.

This is a process we crafted, it’s innovative and unique. It allows us to generate many ideas, without any kind of resources tension. No bottlenecks, no fixed number of employees.

snackable video

Your brand deserves this

A new way of creating video content for your brand

new business model

It’s time you upgrade your video production.

Brief us like you would brief your agency. Expect different results. We are not an advertising agency, we are not a production studio, nor an influencers management company. We are a house of creators that produce snackable video content together with actual consumers.

We integrate all these activities:

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Video content ideas 0

Video production 0

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Unique Solutions for Your Business

Do you create video content in your campaigns? Are you really sure it’s exciting, relevant and well-liked by your young audiences?

The people behind the scenes

Ioana Mucenic


Bogdan Ivașcu

Business Manager

Patricia Bălan

Social Manager

Marius Marin

Influencer Marketing Manager