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Will this be more efficient? Test and see.

Validating Maker Studio campaigns

Proofed by data is in our DNA. We test the campaings’ demo videos with Affectiva iMotions analysis software in order to evaluate the emotional impact and optimize them, if needed.

Using biometric technologies, we can quantify people’s attention, emotions and physiological responses to our creative ideas. We use neuroscience to understand these reactions and adjust efficiency of our snackable video content campaigns.

With eye-tracking we obtain an understanding of what attracts immediate attention, which elements get ignored, in which order elements are noticed, and how elements compare to others.

Facial decoding is the process of measuring human emotions through facial expressions. With facial expression analysis you can test the impact of any content that is supposed to elicit facial responses.

Galvanic Skin Response devices offer insights into a respondent’s underlying physiological and psychological processes. This gives an indication of the intensity of emotion experienced when viewing our video content.


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